What Similarities And Dissimilarities Do You Watch In Bubble (2022) With The Little Mermaid?


Bubble (2022) is a Netflix movie that is fabricated by Wit Studio, along with some great names such as Takeshi Obata. It received an early screening at Berlin International Film Festival in February 2022 and was released globally on Netflix on 28th April 2022.

Bubble (2022)/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble (2022)/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio

Now when you progress with the story, you will observe that the theme is closely based on The Little Mermaid, the literary work by Hans Christian Anderson. However, the production team of Bubble (2022) made some nice and distinctive changes making Bubble (2022) one of its own. Now, what are those significant similarities and dissimilarities?

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Let us begin with-

8 Bubble (2022) Similarities With The Little Mermaid That You May Observe

The Prince

Much before Uta confirms, Hibiki being the prince, you will understand the same. Her declaration only stamps down the argument.

Bubble (2022)/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble (2022)/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio

The Little Mermaid

Yes, there is a presence of a non-human being who finds herself deliriously attracted to the human without any reason. Uta is the Little Mermaid in this plot which again she declares loud and clear.

The Importance Of Foam

Bubble (2022)/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble (2022)/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio

Again both the storyline showcases in various instances that the subject of love is not happening, since the female protagonist will change into foam and vanish tangibly.

The Ship

In the story of The Little Mermaid, the mermaid for the first time ever, gets a glimpse of her prince on the ship. Similarly, Bubble (2022) also has a ship that plays a super important role in the story, since it is the resident of the hero and his comrades.

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The Skillset

Little Mermaid had a crystal clear voice, but she learned the art of the dance when she transformed into a human. Here Uta could sing, however she learned parkour too. She became an expert in the art, mesmerizing all the members of Blue Blazes and the other teams too.

The Hero Likes

Bubble (2022)/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble (2022)/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio

Just like the prince, here Hibiki too likes the newly learned skill of the female lead of the show. In The Little Mermaid we know that the prince appreciated the dance, his new friend showed him every now and then. Similarly, Hibiki appreciated Uta’s parkouring skills too. He even blushed, watching Uta doing amazing on their venture to save Makoto.

The Obsession

Little Mermaid in her story, showed an unending obsession with the human realm, which eventually culminated her fate. Likewise, we watch Uta showing her obsession with learning everything human-related when she spends her me-time all alone, cooped inside books and magazines, again leading to a sad ending to her human journey.

The Ending

Uta, similarly to Little Mermaid descends into the atmosphere. Well, the explanations differ drastically, however, both the non-human beings meet similar fates by the end of the story.

8 Bubble (2022) Dissimilarities With The Little Mermaid That You May Observe

The Genres

Bubble though seems a sci-fi post-apocalyptic movie however can be corned under the fantasy genre too with some unexplained montages from the plot point. But on the other hand, The Little Mermaid stands to be purely under fantasy.

The Reasons

Well, in Bubble (2022) it was the disturbing gravitational anomaly, the increasing numbers of Antlion pits, and the spiderwebs, that gave Uta prominent reasons to return home to stop what might hurt her people.

In The Little Mermaid, the mermaid was heartbroken since her unconditional love remained not reciprocated by the prince therefore she had to turn to a sad end.

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The Subject Of Love

In Bubble (2022) we watch Hibiki developing affection for the clingy girl who followed her everywhere. He opened up to this non-human being, in fact, Uta made him realize his actual self. Also, when Uta vanishes, Hibiki grieves.

Bubble (2022)/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble (2022)/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio

But in The Little Mermaid, the mermaid gave her love with the hope that she would be loved back in return. But it remained empty.


Well, Uta had an only sister whom we cannot pinpoint as to how she actually appears as a human. But, yeah the apparition gave off every negative vibe. Now, in the case of the little mermaid, she was the youngest of the lot and had many big sisters in her family.

No Royals

Yes, in Bubble (2022), here no one belongs to royalty, everyone is simple. However, we cannot comment on Uta’s family, though. But in The Little Mermaid, both the girl and the boy had royal blood running through their body.

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The Independency

Hibiki shows the exact picture of independency in the anime, he takes his life under his own control and stays under his own bubble. But in the literary work of Hans Christian Anderson, we find the prince working under influence of the others in his life.

The Other Girl

Bubble (2022)/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble (2022)/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio

The affection projected towards Hibiki by Makoto cannot be declared romantic love since she blushes whenever Shin is around. Also, she changed herself into being a bigger sibling around Uta, which made Uta comfortable.

But in The Little Mermaid, we watch, the other girl actually is the reason that breaks the mermaid’s heart.

The Foamy Ending

Uta’s body reacted, whenever touched by Hibiki. Therefore the accidental touches and finally the last kiss, made Uta turn into a foamy figure. She was penalized for true love.

But in The Little Mermaid, the mermaid turned to foam since it was the deal.

So, these are our points? What do you think of this argument? If we, by any chance missed out on any stuff related to the stories, do tell us in the comment box below.

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