Bubble (2022) Review: Is This Post Apocalyptic Film Worth Your Day? ***SPOILERS***


Bubble is a 2022 post-apocalyptic movie that you can corner under both the sci-fi and fantasy genre that you may stream on Netflix. It centers around the capital city of Japan where an unusual weather or you can also call it an apocalyptic change takes control of the situation. As the movie takes its pace, you will observe the loose inspiration from the old tale of ‘ The Litte Mermaid’ by  Hans Christian Andersen.

Bubble (2022) Review/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble (2022) Review/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio

Now have you watched this Wit Studio initiative yet? What do you think about the plot? Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Bubble (2022): The Cast

  • Hibiki playing Shison and Zach Aguilar & Jeanie Tirado(young)
  • Uta playing Riria and Emi Lo
  • Makoto playing Alice Hirose Erica Lindbeck
  • Shin playing Mamuro Miyano and Keith Silverstein
  • Kai playing Yuki Kaji and Robbie Daymond
  • Usagi playing Sayaka Senbongi and Laura Stahl
  • Denki Ninja playing Tasuko Hatanaka and Kyle McCarley
  • Undertaker Leader playing Maria Inoue Christina Vee
  • Kanto Mad Lobster playing Shin- Ichiro Miki and Chris Jai-Alex

Things You Might Like About Bubble (2022)

The Visualization:

Well, the trailer itself gave us, the audience, pretty much the big hint that Wit studio has again done a great, in fact, a brilliant job in styling down what we witnessed in the movie. It was mesmerizingly pleasant. The picturizations were loud yet gentle to the eyes which is not only ironic by iconic as well. The VFX team was amazing in executing those breathtaking scenes, by portraying such cheerful, cool, and clear visuals in the movie.

Bubble (2022) Review/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble (2022) Review/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio

The Music:

The astounding groovy tunes were a turn-on, right? From the Opening OST to the Ending OST, Bubble (2022) stores some remarkable compositions that will stick in your head even after you are done with your movie time. They are fresh, soothing, intense, and thrilling at some points, too similar to the visualizations of the film. They were great.

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The Cinematography:

The fine camerawork makes the movie a piece of hard work and core time investments. You witness amazing camera movement the entire movie, however, you will feel its depth during the Battlekour events the most. It was too magnificent to even get diverted for a second. And not to forget those first-person views need some special mentions, isn’t it?

Bubble (2022) Review/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble (2022) Review/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio

The Story:

Since Bubble (2022) is a loose inspiration from The Little Mermaid therefore you already know how it ends. But definitely, there are some significant distinctions that make Bubble (2022) one of its own. The friendly conversations, the competitive montages, the homely ambiance, the subtle love, the sci-fi phenomenon, and the good feel, that you experience while you watch the movie need a shout-out, right? It is nice.

Things You Might Not Like About Bubble (2022)

The Characters:

Hibiki shows a typical male anime protagonist who prefers to stay in his own bubble, undisturbed by what the world is going through. Well, he might seem selfish and self-engrossed brat while the movie begins but he develops into a warm character by the end of the movie.

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On the other hand, Uta is a clingy character who is determined to learn about human affairs and stay with Hibiki. There is nothing new in both the leads we have already watched such many characters in many other animes. But as you move with the plot you will slowly get the idea that the movie is a loose inspiration from The Little Mermaid, therefore you know.

Bubble (2022) Review/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble (2022) Review/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio

Also, watching it once, might not give you the chance to decipher what significance those side characters play. However, they do play pretty important roles in the advancement of the plot. But it was not projected like that. Also, you will not know the names of all the members of Blue Blazes. It was not well choreographed actually, since all focus was put in detailing down Hibiki and Uta.

The Story:

Although it has so many good things, it had many missed out things too. If you watch the movie just once, you might not deduce the reasons for so many things happening for the advancement of the plot, which is kind of not nice since you might end up not liking the theme. But who has time to rewatch the movie once again in the same week to understand the story in-depth, right?

Bubble (2022) Review/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble (2022) Review/ Picture Credit: Wit Studio

A One Time Watch:

Again coming back from the above point, the story seems easy, and pretty straightforward if you don’t pay that attention to detail while you watch the film for the first time. And with easy understanding, you might not end up liking the theme at all. Also, since the movie with its progression gives you the idea that the plot might turn out to be like The Little Mermaid therefore you might anticipate what is about take place. This also gives a red flag to avoid watching it again.

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TOTT’s Take On Bubble (2022)

The movie is a Wit Studio initiative, that is renowned for styling the stunning graphics of Attack On Titan and now Spy X Family. Again personalities such as Takeshi Obata who has already proved his skill through the noteworthy globally popular anime Death Note, land as salient contributors to Bubble (2022). These might act as key points to actually consider watching the movie, where, you don’t end up unsatisfied after you are done with the show. It was a good movie which you will like.

TOTT gives the movie 4/5 stars.

Now tell us what’s your take on Bubble (2022)? Also, do you agree with us? Do tell us everything, what you liked and what you disliked about the film in the comment section below?

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