Which 12 Questions From Bubble 2022 Made You Wonder?


Bubble is a 2022 anime movie designed by Wit Studio which you can stream on Netflix, leaves some unanswered instances that gave rise to a number of questions, right? So what’s your question or questions to which you could not find any answer, from the film.

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 Bubble 2022/Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble 2022/Picture Credit: Wit Studio

Well here are our questions, see whether you have your queries listed under or not?

Now, without any further ado, let us jump straight with-

12 Questions That Subtly Defines The Movie Bubble(2022)

Why Was Hibiki The Only One Who Heard The Bubbles?

Well, at some point it felt like Uta knew Hibiki much before the explosion right? However, we don’t know when and how.

Why Hibiki Was The Only One Who Could Hop Through The Bubbles?

It was because of Uta. Uta as a bubble kept a close watch on Hibiki and since Uta had a soft corner for this lad, therefore he was the only one who managed to hop without any trouble to keep in mind.

What Was The Bubble Fall Phenomenon?

Well, the anime never gave the audience a clear explanation of the topic, you can either consider the phenomenon as a supernatural event or simply a weather issue. Additionally, the beginning of the movie suggests that the fall might be an alien affair as well.

 Bubble 2022/Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble 2022/Picture Credit: Wit Studio

Who Was Uta?

Well, Uta was simply a nonhuman/supernatural being who obsessed over the human realm and had a soft corner for Hibiki. With time the unknown attraction developed into love. Now you can assume Uta to be an alien too since there was no explanation made in regards to her existence or her arrival on Earth(it is because Hibiki could hear the hum long before the explosion).

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Why Uta Kissed Hibiki At Their First Intro?

Well, it is doubtful because when Hibiki and Shin brought Uta to meet the others in The Reiyo, Uta behaved like a complete lunatic who is unknown to the practical and social human norms. So, kissing just after getting a human form is questionable, right? Precisely what was the purpose?

Why Only Touching Hibiki Gave Away The Allergic Reaction?

Was it simply because Uta possessed an unknown attraction for the guy. Or was it for the dramatic The Little Mermaid effect? We watch Uta touching Makoto too, to see what happens, but nothing happens.

 Bubble 2022/Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble 2022/Picture Credit: Wit Studio

Why Uta Was Attracted To Hibiki?

Was it because Hibiki was the only one, who heard her hum on the Earth, or is there something else? Guess we will never know.

What Happened To Hibiki’s Mother?

The anime movie shows a very little of this lady who seems concerned about the issue that her boy is suffering from. But we also watch her leaving the boy alone in the center. Did she leave him for good? Did she try returning but could not because of the explosion? Where is she now? Are they together or is she alive?

Why Did The Bubble Fall Occur?

Yes, why did it occur in the first and again after 5 years? Well, there is no explanation stated down to reason out the Bubble Fall Phenomenon in the first place. But why did it happen at the end of the movie? Was it because of Uta, transforming into a human and parkouring her way up in the human realm, enjoying her time? Or was there a time limit that she forgot because she was having a lovely time together with her new friends? Well, it was shown that the gravitational anomaly began the day Uta comes to The Reiyo, but no proper answers is given.

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Why Does Hibiki’s Entrance Inside The Complex Cloud Normalize The Gravitational Anomaly?

We watch there were two spider webs proving heavy on the Blue Blazes. But the moment Hibiki enters the complex cloud, it stabilizes, why? Well, the blue bubble symbolized Uta, but it was Red. Still, how was it possible?

What Did Uta Want To Speak To Her Sister?

We hear her narrating the story and the sad fate of the little mermaid to her sister. But what was she planning on telling her before Hibiki enters and disrupts the planned conversation?

How Did Hibiki Anger The Bubbles In The First Place?

During the flashback montage, we watch Hibiki remembering every nook and cranny of the day of the explosion, where he also realizes that he was saved by Uta that very same day. But he also states that he angered the Bubble unintentionally. But how? And why would they get angry?

 Bubble 2022/Picture Credit: Wit Studio
Bubble 2022/Picture Credit: Wit Studio

Well, those are our questions that remain somewhat unanswered from the plot. If you have the answer make sure to let us know by writing it down to us in the comment section below?

Now, do you have the same list of questions in regards to the movie? Make sure to tell us everything in the comment box below.

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