Which Korean Dramas Can You Rewatch Number Of Times?(Rom Com Edition Pt1)


If you are into Korean Dramas, then you must have come across this selection many months back. But however if not, make sure that you sit with these Korean series ASAP for you are going to love them for sure. These are gems hidden amidst the numerous popular options that make their names through the international landscapes.

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So let us jump straight to the choices of these Korean Dramas which you should definitely give a try.

10 Korean Dramas Which You Would Definitely Enjoy(Rom-Com Edition Pt1)

I’m Not a Robot

The South Korean TV show casts  Yoo Seung-ho, Chae Soo-bin, and Um Ki-Joon which is a wonderful romantic comedy. Each of the 16 episodes was formulated for 48-62 minutes where you get to enjoy a unique love story where the boy Kim Min Kyu falls in love with his only friend which is a robot titled Aji3. However this sweet K Drama stores something intriguing for you all, as well.

I'm Not a Robot Source-MBC TV
I’m Not a Robot Source-MBC TV

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Suspicious Partner

It is a 2017 drama that casts Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji-Hyun in the lead, which might give you a false impression of a happy-go-lucky sweet rom-com, however, there is an intense story underneath. Precisely speaking it is a crime thriller that is styled with a facade of a beautiful romantic story that you will love.

Suspicious Partner Source- SBS
Suspicious Partner Source- SBS

The 40 episodes drama has 30 mins long episodes which focus on the central story of Noh Ji Wook a prosecutor and his trainee Eun Bong Hee who takes the decision to work on a murder case. However, things start taking subtle and dangerous turns as they slowly move with the case.

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Fight For My Way

This drama is based on sports, more specifically Taekwondo where it is all about following the dream job, to have happy and passionate life.

The K Drama has, Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won in lead. Both are friends from childhood and are currently underdogs who are looking for opportunities that would lead them to have a happy successful careers.

Fight For My Way Source-KBS 2
Fight For My Way Source-KBS 2

Each of the 16 episodes is around 70 mins long, which you will definitely enjoy.

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The Doctors

This medical drama casts Kim Rae-won and Park Shin Hye which came out back in 2016, has 20 episodes, running for 60 minutes where the story sprints with Yoo Hye Jung, a very fearless girl who lives an unstable life with her grandmother. However, the harsh human life pushes her into some miserable fate that builds her up as a doctor, that she needed back in her urgency.

The Doctors Source-SBS TV
The Doctors Source-SBS TV

Her Private Life

Truly manifested for all the fangirls out there. It is 2019 series that has 16 episodes running for 60 mins, that begins with Sung Deok Mi(played by Park Min Young) a very hard-working chief curator of Cheum Museum of Art who runs a hidden life of a fangirl. Things begin to take a smooth turn when Ryan Gold(Kim Jae Wook) comes into her life as her present boss.

Her Private Life Source-Bon Factory Worldwide
Her Private Life Source-Bon Factory Worldwide

Apart from their fluttering romance, there is a sincere story on parenting and abandonment issues that will hit you hard.

Cheese In Trap

A college drama with 16-episode series that runs for around 60 mins approx that will just steal your heart with such relatable scenarios, where the leads and the additional cast beautifully portray college life and family troubles skillfully. The series has Park Hae Jin, Kim Go Eun, Seo Kang Joon, and Lee Sung Kyung as the main cast.

Cheese In Trap Source-Eight Works; Kross Pictures; PGood Media
Cheese In Trap Source-Eight Works; Kross Pictures; PGood Media

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A fantasy drama that has an awestruck plot point that will not fail to entertain you for a bit. Set in two different worlds, in the same location, a real-world girl Oh Yoon Joo finds herself in the webtoon world of her favorite character Kang Chul. In fact, Kang Chul happens to be the character painted by her father himself. There is action, love, care, and too many interesting twists, that will thoroughly entertain you for sure.

W Source-Chorokbaem Media
W Source-Chorokbaem Media

Love Alarm S1-S2

A sweet teenage story that has Kim Soo Hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga Ram, where the trio goes through a lot emotionally, which you will too definitely feel in this 14-episode K drama. The show begins with a kiss but ends abruptly shattering our hearts mercilessly. However, the blossoming love that we got to witness in Season 2 was another level of satisfaction.

Love Alarm S1-S2 Source-Studio Dragon
Love Alarm S1-S2 Source-Studio Dragon

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True Beauty

A school drama that has Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, Hwang In-Youp, and Park Yoo-Na, is not only sweet but also very deep. Once again we are made sure, that South Koreans do pay a lot of attention to their outwardly looks, no matter how mean they are from within.

A girl with intense skin issues suffers extreme bullying because of her looks. She even goes to the extent of committing suicide. But her uncertain family issue makes her transfer to her present school, where she befriends many classmates. However, traumatized by her past experience, she takes up makeup as her shield to move forward in life.

True Beauty Source-Studio Dragon
True Beauty Source-Studio Dragon

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Another university drama that has 16 episodes that run for around 60 mins and also speaks about beauty from within is what matters. But still, people try to befriend the ones who look smart, cute, and sweet.

Here the female lead, Kang Mi Rae goes through a 360-degree transformation before starting off with her University life since she definitely doesn’t want her school life to come back and traumatize her once again. It has Cha Eun Woo along with  Im Soo-hyang, Jo Woo-ri and Kwak Dong-Yeon in the main cast.

Korean Dramas
My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Source- Art & Culture

So what do you think about our list of Korean Dramas? Also, how many have you watched from our list? Don’t forget to comment on your choices in the comment section below.

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But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publications. Bye- Bye…