Red Notice 2021: Is The Movie Worth The Hype?


Red Notice is a Netflix project that hit the OTT platform on 5th November 2021. It casts some of the notable actors from the industry and carries an action-packed background, making it a wholesome consideration to watch tonight.

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There is the thrill, an intense storyline, some remarkable faces, and full-on action sequences that every fictional fan would love to indulge in.

Red Notice 2021 Picture Credit Netflix
Red Notice 2021 Picture Credit Netflix

But is it worth the hype? Should you watch the multi-starer movie tonight to make it satisfying?

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Red Notice Review: What About The Story??

The movie starts with a brief on the history of Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra’s love story and a gift which was the three bejeweled eggs as a wedding gift. In due course of time, the eggs are lost, and the authority has the knowledge of only two eggs.

The movie centers around finding the trio and presenting the same to an Egyptian billionaire buyer who is thinking of gifting the same to his daughter at her wedding.

Now the leads, are tasked with the job to engage in robust montages to get their hands on all the eggs. However, they have specific and different intentions in mind in order to acquire the same.

The entire movie is a whirlwind of twists and turns, that vigorously manages to finish the plot.

Red Notice 2021 Picture Credit Netflix
Red Notice 2021 Picture Credit Netflix

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Red Notice Review: The Cast

Well, you get to see

  • Dwayne Johnson playing John Hartley
  • Ryan Reynolds playing Nolan Booth
  • Gal Gadot playing Sarah Black
  • Chris Diamantopoulos playing Sotto Voce
  • Ritu Arya playing Urvashi Das
  • Ivan Mbakop playing Tambwe
  • Vincenzo Amato playing Director Gallo
  • Rafael Petardi playing Security Chief Ricci
Red Notice 2021 Picture Credit Netflix
Red Notice 2021 Picture Credit Netflix

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Red Notice Review: The Good & The Bad

The Good

The comedic stances were satisfying. Ryan Renolds’s sense of humor once again stole the spotlight. He is the only one who genuinely captures the witty sequences with his smart dialogue.

The cinematography was brilliant. The locations and the depiction of the sequences were worth mentioning. Hats off to Markus Förderer for showcasing his brilliant hands in cinematography alongside the editor Michael L. Sale.

The background scores were also nice. Steve Jablonsky is the man behind the crisp and interesting music played in the movie that added depth to the moments.

And, of course, the actors, did their job too well, portraying their characters neatly.

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The Bad

The directions could have been better. Since this is a heist movie audience will witness numerous actions and enthralling sequences to make you stick till the end. However if you have watched the Ocean’s Franchise, then you might be disappointed.

The ending was not at all satisfying. It suddenly came to an end without any constructive conclusion. Seriously, after the abrupt end to the content, it felt kind of drained and waisted.

Red Notice 2021 Picture Credit Netflix
Red Notice 2021 Picture Credit Netflix

TOTT’s Take On Red Notice

Those who liked the movie, please go and check the entire Ocean franchise beginning from Ocean’s 11, and then the rest. The renowned actors were the only reason to watch the movie and finish the same. The cliched twists and predictable scenes are something skippable. Irrespective of its classy touch, the flick genuinely lacked something vital, which makes the concept incomplete and simply avoidable.

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So, TOTTERS, who did not like the film, please share your thoughts on our opinion.

It is a thumbs down from TOTT, we expected a whole lot from the leads since they delivered us with movies worth the hype.

But this is all for today, hope to meet you all soon in our next publication, BYE BYE…