Is The Movie Fractured(2019) Starring Sam Worthington Worth Watching?


Fractured(2019) is an American psychological movie that showcases a thriller plotline starring Sam Worthington in the lead. With the amazing directorial skill of Brad Anderson, the audiences are slowly introduced to the intense story of the flick, that is produced by Neal Edelstein, Mike Macari, and Paul Schiff.

Koji Production along with Crow Island films produced this thriller which you can watch on Netflix right now. It is a 100 minutes movie that you can swing by any day.

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But is this movie really worth your time and energy?

Things You Might Like And Might Not Like About Fractured(2019)

The Plot

The movie begins with a car ride, driven by the father, Ray who is accompanied by the mother, Joanne, and their daughter Peri. They are headed for a thanksgiving visit to Joanne’s parents’ place. Unfortunately, they engage in a cliched couple argument that imprints their marital status. They soon take a break at the close-by gas station, and things take a significant turn from this juncture.


Wandering around, while taking a break at that gas station, Peri is troubled by a dog, and in response to this, she steps back and falls to an exposed construction site. This accident injures Peri’s hand, and thus the parents take their daughter to the nearest health care unit.

After they reach the hospital and, check-in with all the needed procedures, Joanne and Peri are taken into care by the team. However, Ray starts to feel something is off in the healthcare unit. He tries to learn about his wife and daughter, but he is misguided about their status and whereabouts repeatedly.


This is the beginning of the actual storyline of this American thriller. To learn more, better sit with the title today itself.

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The Characters

Precisely speaking this is a one-man army movie, where Ray is the only role that takes up the maximum of the screen. His tiresome investigation about the whereabouts of his family is what paves the path of the movie. He is definitely a relatable individual who will take you with him, on his stressful journies through the various episodes in the film.


The Actors Of Fractured(2019)

Well, you have-

  • Sam Worthington playing Ray Monroe
  • Lily Rabe playing Joanne Monroe
  • Lucy Capri playing Peri Monroe
  • Adjoa Andoh playing Dr. Isaacs
  • Stephen Tobolowsky playing Dr. Berthram
  • Lauren Cochrane playing Officer Chilches
  • Shane Dean playing Officer Griggs
  • Chris Sigurdson playing Dr. Lugado
  • Chad Bruce playing Security Guard Jeff
  • Stephanie Sy playing Nurse Anne
  • Dorothy Carroll playing Admissions Clerk
  • Erik Athavale playing Dr. Bruce Volk

Again, since this movie only focuses on Sam Worthington’s character hence you might not actually find others to be that dominating or catching. But they did a go job on their part.

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The Production Team

The movie is directed by Brad Anderson that is cinematographed by Björn Charpentier. The content is edited by Robert Mead and the background scores are styled by Anton Sanko. They did their job brilliantly, putting in their effort and hard work appropriately.


Is Their Anything Bad In Regards To Fractured(2019) ?

Fractured(2019) has no negative points to consider at a superficial level. However, if you try nitpicking the plot, then definitely there is a bunch under that banner. It is a nice American thriller, that has a remarkable storyline, and a terrific twist to make your movie time satisfying for sure.

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TOTT’s Take On Fractured(2019)

You should definitely watch the movie for it is an intriguing story that unquestionably needs a shout-out. Now if you watched the Fractured(2019), what are your thoughts in regards to the movie? Don’t forget to share your words here, in the comment section.

But if you haven’t watched the flick yet, make sure that you do, for it is one of those movies which are rarely talked about.


So, this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. Bye-bye…