Would You Watch ‘The Game’ This Weekday Night?


The Game is a 1997 movie that comes under the American Thriller genre with an interesting plot. It runs for 128 minutes giving you an intriguing movie time without a doubt. You stream The Game on Netflix. But is it worth your precious time?

The Game
The Game

It is a David Fincher movie which is produced by Steve Golin and Cean Chaffin that is written by John Brancato and Michale Ferris, that casts some quality actors, to which we will come back later. Well, it was produced with a budget of $70million where it earned$109 million, definitely a woohoo moment.

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But again, it is worth your time?

Things You Might Like Or Might Not Like From The Game?

The Good

The Cast

Well, you have-

  • Michael Douglas playing Nicholas van Orton
  • Sean Penn playing Conrad van Orton
  • James Rebhorn playing Jim Feingold
  • Deborah Kara Unger playing Christine/Claire
  • Peter Donat playing Samuel Sutherland
  • Carroll Baker playing Ilsa
  • Armin Mueller-Stahl playing Anson Baer
  • Anna Katarina playing Elizabeth
  • Charles Martinet playing Nicholas’ father

Yes, the actors engaged in the project did a stunning job. They brilliantly justified their role without missing the purpose of their objective for a bit.

The Game
The Game

The Direction

David Fincher once again aced his directorial deal, choreographing the movie in such a fine manner. You will stick till the end just to know what awaits at the end of the show.

The Extras

The editing, the cinematography and the music in association with the production house Propaganda Films did their jobs conveniently making the whole film worth time investing.

The Game
The Game

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The Bad

The Plot

You will definitely love the thrill at the beginning of the movie, but as it slowly nears the end of the content, you might start predicting. In fact, you might end up baffled as to assume what was the goal.

The movie depicts the solace life of an investment banker Nicholas Van Orton an investment banker living a busy and rich life. On a lunch date with his younger brother Conrad Van Orton, he comes to know about an institute titled CRS(Consumer Recreation Service) which claims to provide service that changes lives, with a customized game designed for specific individuals. Conrad vows for the same and requests his brother to at least make a call.

The Game
The Game

Circumstantially, Nicholas comes across the institute, visits the same, and does what he was asked, by the respectable associate. He returns and nothing seems different. But things start to fall apart and his life becomes a whole mess very soon.

The plot has a mixed vibe, you may enjoy the story very much or end up wondering for a solid purpose behind the game played in the movie, just like us.

The Game
The Game

TOTT’s Take On The Game

Definitely give the movie a try before jumping to any conclusion. It is definitely a thriller however the ending of the movie somehow falters to satisfy the audience since it misses the gravity of the whole montage showcased. In fact, you might also feel that it’s a mess that only the rich will understand.

However, these are our thoughts on this 1997 American thriller. If you already watched the movie, what do you think then? Do let us know in the comment section below.

The Game
The Game

But if you haven’t, go watch and then definitely come back to let us know what is your opinion on the movie.

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However this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication, Bye bye. …