Is ‘The Tourist’ A Good Movie That You Should Watch This Night?


The Tourist is a December 2010 launch which is an American Romantic thriller that has ensembled remarkable actors to make it worth clickable in the first place. You can stream the movie on Netflix now.

It is based on the work by Jerome Salle, titled Anthony Zimmer. The Tourist is distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, produced by Graham King, Timothy Headington, Roger Birnbaum, Gary Barber, and Jonathan Glickman.

The Tourist
The Tourist

The Tourist is a Columbia Pictures initiative with associated production companies namely GK Films, Spyglass Entertainment, and StudioCanal. The total runtime of the movie is around 103 minutes that had a budget of $100million and successfully it earned $278.3 million which is great right?

Well, enough with this information, now, coming to the main point, is it worth your time?

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Things That You Might Like Or Might Not Like About ‘The Tourist’

The Good

The Plot

Yes, The Tourist has an amazing engaging plot point. You will be stuck with the subject matter till the end, just to meet Alexander Pearce the most talked about name in the movie. Actually, the entire movie centers around this man, beginning, with the following of his love interest, Elise Clifton Ward.

Alexander Pearce is under the radar of Scotland Yard since he owes £744 million in back taxes. Also, it is mentioned quite a few times that he went through a plastic surgery just to bring a significant alteration in his appearance.

The Tourist
The Tourist

Inspector John Acheson is chasing this guy for years now, therefore following Elise was the one prominent way, to get to Alexander. However, Frank Tupelo a maths teacher unwittingly gets involved in this whole cat and mouse chase complicating the whole hunting session of Acheson and making things difficult for Elise because she falls for this too ordinary man.

The Actors

Well, you have-

  • Angelina Jolie playing Elise Clifton-Ward
  • Johnny Depp playing Frank Tupelo/Alexander Pearce
  • Paul Bettany playing Inspector John Acheson
  • Timothy Dalton playing Chief Inspector Jones
  • Steven Berkoff playing Reginald Shaw

When you see the star cast of the flick, you definitely click the thumbnail to watch the movie in your leisure time.

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The Direction

Yes, the direction is beautifully orchestrated, you won’t feel bored for once, although it is a bit unrushed. However, the slow proceeding of the movie, stunningly paves the scaffold of the flick, to make it stand strong and profound.

The Tourist
The Tourist


Everything including the background scores, editing, and cinematography is beautifully designed to make The Tourist a drama, and worth your watch.

The Bad

Precisely, nothing as such, nevertheless, you might feel Elise falling in love with a stranger a bit haste since the subject of love is deep and definitely fathomless. Also, after some time, you might predict what is going to happen next. But this won’t change you from finishing the movie for a bit.

Moreover, the ending of the movie will satisfy you leaving you happy and not complaining at all.

The Tourist
The Tourist

TOTT’s Take On The Tourist

TOTT totally recommends watching the flick since it will make you have a great time altogether. Just grab your dinner and enjoy the film with yourself or your near and dear ones. It is definitely something worth investing your precious time from your day.

The Tourist
The Tourist

So, if you have already watched the movie, what’s your take on the flick? Do let us know in the comment section below. But if you haven’t, go, watch and come back with your take on this movie and comment down with your thoughts on this 2010 American Romantic thriller.

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But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. Till then have a wonderful day ahead, bye-bye…