Tokyo Revengers Is Sure An Emotional Journey All Together

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Tokyo Revengers is an anime that is particularly based on the delinquent culture that was followed like religion back in the days. The amazing storyline is beautifully orchestrated and it is soulfully designed by Ken Wakui, published by Kodansha and this is currently streaming on Netflix.

Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers Source-Liden Films

This 24 episode anime that approximately runs for 23-24 minutes is compelling enough to engage you thoroughly. Being a Shonen edition, this anime has some definite powerful characters that will amaze you pretty well. In addition, the sequences that nurture the very base of the show are what we are going to discuss here.

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Like the title suggests, Tokyo Revengers is sure an emotional ride. So, these are our selections from the series. Give a quick look at the ideas for now-

Top 13 Emotional Moments From Tokyo Revengers That Really Makes The Anime Worth Talking

Watching Hinata Tachibana Alive

In the present time, we watched the sad news of Hinata Tachibana dying and that simply changed the whole mood of Takemichi. Although they broke up long back, thinking about your ex, whom you loved, and hearing such unfateful news in the morning can only bring you demoralized emotions.

Takemichi and Hinata Tokyo Revengers
Takemichi and Hinata Tokyo Revengers Source-Liden Films

But in the past, when we, along with Takemichi watched Hinata all alive and healthy it was certainly something sentimental. We all know what happens to her after 12 years, in fact, she dies at only 26. But right now she is all fine and smiling. It made us teary.

Akkun Commits Suicide

Not only for Takemichi but for the viewers too, it was not at all expected. The teary gaze and the hopeless words uttered, viciously projected how desperate Akkun was about his miserable condition. He was scared and was aggressively seeking shelter. He leaves Takemichi with his final words that definitely make Takemichi pretty anxious and wretched.

Akkun in Tokyo Revengers
Akkun in Tokyo Revengers Source-Liden Films

Hina Kisses Takemichi

3rd August was sure an important day in Tokyo Revengers history, right? Besides the preplanned stabbing situation, it was an emotional moment for Takemichi and Hinata. Shattered and beaten to bones, Takemichi laid hopeless and disheartened on himself. Thanks to Hinata, she with her warm presence and a soulful kiss, changes the mood. She sure loves our Cry Baby a lot.

Hinata Kisses Takemichi
Hinata Kisses Takemichi Source-Liden Films

Mikey And The TOMAN Arrives At The Scene

Troubled and cornered, injured Draken, Takemichi and Mitsuya were genuinely hoping for sunlight to shine bright on them. With the approaching Bobber noise, definitely, Draken and Mitsuya released a sigh of relief. With Mikey coming on the scene we all felt kind of saved. However, with the overnumbered Moebius clan in hand, it was obviously still something worth worrying about.

TOMAN in Tokyo Revengers
TOMAN in Tokyo Revengers Source-Liden Films

But, things turned upbeat when TOMAN arrived at the scene; it felt kind of a symbol of unity with all the squad leader and their vice presidents, backing them up, the sequence adds a sentimental touch to the anime.

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Our Cry Baby Fights Kiyomasa

Well, obviously the scum had some shady strategy weaved, thus they did not flinch, while cornering injured Draken, Emma, Hina, and Takemichi. The situation was terrible, for Ken-chin was bleeding, and because of the summer festival, the ambulance took time to reach the location.

Takemichi fights the traitors in Tokyo Revengers
Takemichi fights the traitors in Tokyo Revengers Source-Liden Films

Although the entire time Takemichi lost hope but did not give up, he tried all he could to save Draken. In fact, when Takemichi’s friend joined in, it was kind of a relief. But, it was Takemichi definitely who stole the show. He was badly beaten up, further, Kiyomasa stabbed his palm too, but this did not make him escape.

Takemichi and Draken
Takemichi and Draken Source-Liden Films

Watching such determination, Draken, Emma, and Hinata cheered him up. He fought, giving his 100% on the situation, and was successful. Takemichi once again proved himself to be a suitable Shonen protagonist.

Mikey Joins The Gang In The Hospital

After fighting the hell out of Moebius, Mikey finally arrives at the hospital only to find out that Draken is still at the OT. He remains positive and genuinely tries to keep the positive atmosphere running around. However, when the doctor breaks the news, that Draken is all well, we find Mikey leaving the scene.

Mikey, Emma, and Hinata at the hospital
Mikey, Emma, and Hinata at the hospital Source-Liden Films

Later we find, Takemichi watches Mikey from a distance who is relieved to find that Draken is all well. He wails and is happy.

Mikey from Tokyo Revengers
Mikey from Tokyo Revengers Source-Liden Films

Hinata & Akkun Dies

After struggling so much in the past, and finally making the needed changes, Takemichi is pleased to find Hinata and his friend Akkun both are alive and living healthy life. Just then things take a terrible turn, and Takemichi watches both Hinata and Akkun die a horrible death.

Akkun Dying
Akkun Dying Source-Liden Films

It was too sad even for Akkun since he was appointed to execute both Takemichi and Hinata all at the same time. But watching both Akkun and Hina die not all at once but at the same spot, slowly, was dreadful.

Takemichi trying to save Hinata
Takemichi trying to save Hinata Source-Liden Films

Hinata’s Funeral

After going through so much in the past, Takemichi failed to change Hinata’s fate in the present. He felt wretched from within and was doing terrible. He stood in front of Hinata’s photo during the ceremony and suddenly turned motionless. His sentimental gesture stirred up the near and dear ones.

Takemichi and Naoto at Hina's funeral
Takemichi and Naoto at Hina’s funeral Source-Liden Films

However, Naoto was the one who was shocked dreadfully. He broke down into tears and realized once again that he failed to save his sister.

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Shinichiro’s Death

Watching Shinichiro facing such a miserable fate was despairing for Baji right? He knew Sinichiro from before, but Kazutora took up that shocking decision all of sudden, simply tearing down many things. Just imagine seeing the whole thing from Mikey’s perspective. It sure is painful.

Shinichiro dying
Shinichiro dying Source-Liden Films

Baji’ Death

Takemichi was busy investigating all he could do, just to save Baji, Mikey, and TOMAN. He sure helped Mikey and TOMAN, but he failed unbearably while saving Baji. It was such a dramatic sequence that even made strong hearts pang.

Baji dying in Tokyo Revengers
Baji dying in Tokyo Revengers Source-Liden Films

Baji was fighting his own battle trying to protect Mikey, and TOMAN from the negative influence of Kisaki. He valued his friends and comrades. However, his death was the only thing that brought significant changes in the timeline. He was definitely a hero and a true TOMAN leader.

The Initiation Of TOMAN

Of course, the first step to becoming big and creating a new era was something huge for all the middle schoolers. Once again Baji gets the credit. He incites the subject of building a gang that would go to the extent of backing up each other even if that means standing on the front line, which he did.

The initiation of TOMAN
The initiation of TOMAN Source-Liden Films

Chifuyu Keeps His Promise

Just like Takemichi supported him on his mission, Chifuyu backed up our Cry Baby so that he could reach the top of TOMAN. Well, it was indisputably impossible to reach the top without someone with power. Chifuyu was given power by Baji and later by Mikey. Thank God Chifuyu took a good decision, otherwise, we would have stuck with Takemichi and his never-ending travels in this debut season for a long time.

Chifuyu voting for Takemichi for the 1st squad leader
Chifuyu voting for Takemichi for the 1st squad leader Source-Liden Films

Chifuyu’s Death

After partnering with our Cry Baby hero, sure there were significant changes in TOMAN. Some are revealed and some are yet to be disclosed in the upcoming season. But what fate held for Chifuyu was something really messy. He was true to Baji and Takemichi and that led to his horrific death.

Chifuyu's last words to Kisaki
Chifuyu’s last words to Kisaki Source-Liden Films

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TOTT’s Take On Tokyo Revengers

Well, if you have something else planned for the weekend drop it down, and rewatch this amazing anime. We found it to be a super engaging program, from the very pilot episode itself. In addition, each of the characters has the capacity to glue you with the seat.

TOMAN coming for back up
TOMAN coming for back up Source-Liden Films

The characters are strong and their backstory gives them a purpose and reasons behind their decisions. Our Cry Baby hero is another Shonen protagonist who needs attention. He might seem lame, but his way to deal with life is certainly not the typical delinquent manner. He cries and fights, bleeding and breaking his bones and sometimes fainting too.

Naoto and Takemichi planning
Naoto and Takemichi planning Source-Liden Films

But his spiritual power is what led to curing the issues in the past and changing the present.

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TOTT recommends this show and it is a must-watch.

So, what’s your take on Tokyo Revengers? Do let us know in the comment section.

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But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in the next publication bye-bye…

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