Why Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers From Different Universe In Shonen??


Shonen protagonists come up with similar traits. They display immense courage, determination, loyalty, admiration, and ambition toward the motive they are assigned. Be it seeking freedom or saving their best friends.

They grow with every ARC and inspire the viewers on their journey as well. But there is something subtle when we think about Tanjiro Kamado and Izuku Midoriya. It seems that Tanjiro and Izuku Midoriya are the same.

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Tanjiro learned his skill from scratch, without any prior idea of the whole hidden Demon Slayer community. On the other hand, Izuku Midoriya lacks quirk in his anatomy. He inherited the One for All quirk from Almight to become the superhero Almight is. Tanjiro was forced to take up a sword while Izuku willingly sacrificed his quirkless self to save the ones in need. But both the boys want to help the one in need. What else?

Today we are here with 10 solid arguments that will prove the claim. So, let us begin with-

Top 10 Similarities Between Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya That We Need To Agree

1. A Positive Attitude

There is not a single episode when you won’t find these characters, Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya not smiling. Well, they not only instill positivity but also spread the power of hope in their presence.

Their happy-go-lucky nature helps them fight any disturbing condition with confidence. In fact, this attitude is pretty inspiring as well.

Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers
Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers

2. They Lack The Power To Hurt Any One

Tanjiro is a big brother while Izuku is the only child. We can surely expect a selfless pattern from the former but the latter though grew up all alone without a sibling, the presence of a happy mother was enough for a good upbringing.

Both individuals cannot think of hurting anyone even though they get shattered from within. Tanjiro even cries and prays for the demons after he slays them. He tries his level best to understand the circumstances the demon went through.

Similarly, Izuku tries to empathize with the opponent before coming to any conclusion. Even the ones like Bakugo shouting at him constantly failed to demotivate this young hero. He stays positive with his ambition and spreads positivity around.

3. Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Shows Immense Care For the Dependents

When on a mission, the duo would go to extremities to save and protect the ones in need. They would even self-sacrifice themselves if they got a chance. So, if you are under protection with any of them you will be saved at all costs without suffering a scratch.

Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers
Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers

4. Respects Their Mentors And Seniors

These young lads, Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya, their upbringing is so fantastic, that they can never think of going against their mentors and seniors. They would try their level best to come to an understanding before throwing an argument.

However, these scenarios are too rare to even talk about. Especially for Izuku. Although Tanjiro met with such a situation in anime where he was forced to act rough in front of his seniors.

Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers
Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers

This good behavior also helps them receive generous support from their elders in the department or outside.

5. Always Grateful For The Opportunities They Receive

They are thrown across numerous dangerous situations throughout the seasons. But we never saw a slight cringe on their forehead. Tanjiro Kamado and Izuku Midoriya grasp every single opportunity they are allotted, with a huge smile and a sense of optimism and responsibility. They run towards their projects fully prepared even with little time in hand.

6. Loves Working Hard

This trait is somehow very common amongst all the Shonen protagonists we have seen till now. Starting from Goku and now these young lads, they love working hard. However, Goku works hard to level up to beat his latter self.

But Tanjiro Kamado and Izuku Midoriya level up to reach a particular goal for instance beating the villain. Tanjiro aims to cure his sister and heal her back to the human hood. While on the other hand, Midoriya is working hard to level up and be just like Almight.

Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers
Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers

So, Tanjiro Kamado and Izuku Midoriya have a particular motive in mind to train and work hard.

7. Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Both Has Loud And A Calm Friend

We have Inosuke Hashibira and Katsuki Bakugo complimenting each other in this section of the loud friend while we have Zenitsu Agatsuma and Shoto Todoroki counting down as the calm friend. Both Inosuke and Bakugo show prominent rivalry against the lead. While Zenitsu and Shoto like relying on and supporting the lead.

Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers
Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers

In Demon Slayer, we often find Inosuke hitting and attacking Zenitsu without any solid reason. Similarly in My Hero Academia, Bakugo talks aggressively with Shoto in regular and normal instances to which Shoto hardly responds. In fact, this unruly behavior of Bakugo made the duo sit for their hero license exam one more time.

Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers
Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers

8. Both Tanjiro Kamado and Izuku Midoriya Has A Powerful Female Counter Part

We have Kanao Tsuyuri in Demon Slayer who displays a very calm nature and hardly talks to anyone. She just maintains a soft smile, nodding to anything she would agree with. She is very powerful, and once defeated Tanjiro, during his rehab course.

Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers
Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers

Now, My Hero Academia has Ochaco Uraraka A.K.A Uravity. She is also very powerful, however here Midoriya is much more powerful than her. Nevertheless, Uravity always stands beside the lead and cheers him up when Midoriya comes across disheartening situations. They are great friends as well. But Uraka has developed a small crush on Midoriya which makes the audience blush as well.

9. Tanjiro Kamado and Izuku Midoriya Are Cry Baby

Being so soft and gentle at heart both the characters are emotional. They cry when situations break them hard. Negativity suffocates them, hence they cry their heart out to release the stress they are labored with. They cry when they lose someone special or someone close to them gets severely hurt.

In fact, Tanjiro and Izuku may also cry if they get to learn the back story of any villain they have encountered. This fact in their character makes them more lovable and appealing in comparison to all the Shonen protagonists out there.

Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers
Tanjiro Kamado And Izuku Midoriya Are Brothers

10. Takes Responsibility Of Their Actions

If by any chance they land upon any reckless mess, both Tanjiro Kamado and Izuku Midoriya would gladly accept their fault and take up suitable punishments. They are very responsible for their actions. But since they are human, they are not perfect.

Therefore situations might not be roses all the time. They might come up with decisions that can be fatal to others around them. To which both the leads are ready to face the consequences from their supervisors.


We love both of them. It feels like they were twins but unfortunately got separated by some alien force placing them in completely different universes and time zones. One belongs to the modern era while the other is still fighting with a sword.

However, both of them are some of the well-written and deep characters whom you would like to have in your real life, as a friend or as a brother. You can rely upon these two with a certain faith and precisely speaking they would not fail you as well.

So, what’s your take on these two boys? Do you agree with us? Whatever is your opinion, make sure that you let us know in the comment section down below.

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