Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma: You Should Definitely Give It A Watch


What is your onion on Food Wars? My journey of proper anime began when I was only 8 years with Cardcaptor Sakura. It was then broadcasted on Cartoon Network just after Dragon Ball Z. The ending of Dragon Ball Z was quite interesting however the action sequences did not fascinate me. So, I watched this renowned show as a grown-up.

Precisely, Netflix holds quite a number of shows that entertain you significantly. I ended up watching numerous K dramas in the past couple of months. So, I thought let me take a break and explore my love for anime once again(I was watching a number of anime during this period too, however, my intentions to stay only with anime triggered). I began my journey with Food Wars shokugeki no soma(My ghibli mood swang up, I was in the mood to watch the Up from the Poppy Hill once again, so I thought why not watch an anime with food).

My sister also suggested that I watch the Fruit Basket quite a few times by now, however, I wanted to start with something on my own.

So, I began my conquest of Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma and definitely took the right decision.

About The Anime : Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma

The first episode begins with the protagonist Yukihira Soma in a decisive situation where he is about to go in battle of Food wars with his father. The duo runs a small family restaurant and asks one of Soma’s classmates Mayumi Kurasame to judge the food prepared by the duo.

The first reaction to the food prepared by Soma made the audience come to the conclusion, that being the protagonist obviously, his food will be mouthwatering. However as Mayumi tastes his father’s food, Soma’s food turns blunt. This judgment makes Soma more enthusiastic and looks for a possible new recipe that he comes up with the available ingredients in the market.

In just the blink of an eye, Soma prepares a food option which he asks his classmate Mayumi(she mistakenly console Soma) to taste. The taste of this dish, felt like violating the girl(the taste was so awful and as suggested by the girl later to her friend).

Next, we find that the plot is endangered by a real estate associate who wants to buy the plot and build a super complex for running a departmental store. This notion gets insulted and also rejected by the father-son duo. This invites a cold war.

The next day the father goes for an important job where the son is left alone. He finds on his way home that his shop is vandalized by the real estate corp. He asks if his meal wins their heart, they should leave the place immediately, to which the associate nods yes.

The talented hands of Soma instantly prepare a meal and serve the associates. The heart melts and as promised they leave. The last scene shows, Soma’s father arriving and asking him to leave this cooking job for the time and concentrate on learning more cooking styles by getting enrolled in an elite school of the culinary world the Totsuki Culinary.

Why Do You Need To Watch Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma?
Why Do You Need To Watch Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma?

More In The Anime

As we move with each episode we get a detailed look at the food and culinary world to which I was totally unaware of. There is so much to learn and the subject is so vast to learn in just a number of years.

The characters depicted in the show beautifully project the importance of food, meal recipes, cooking processes, the authority of the chef, and more. The last thing that quickly won my heart is the motivation that the protagonist showed.

Like all the shonen protagonists, Soma in Food Wars was created with the same goal of never giving up. However, cooking is a practical deal. You are not going to fight an alien or a demon in regular life. But cooking is the fight that you have to undertake daily to stay healthy and good.

The show showed the versatility that most common people like me stay unaware of. Hence the subject matter paired with the enthusiastic characters worked diligently in making me glued to my bed while I finished the series.

Apart from the lead, the side characters are also going to motivate you. They teach you to not give up. Even the softest of the character portrayal i.e., Megumi Tadokoro grows and develops with each of the battles she fights, showing that sticking to the right attitude(she was the most nervous character created by the manga writer) and positivity can change your role.

Food Wars is a whole lot more than just cooking, the anime is a blend of flavors, authentic dishes, tasty foods, friendships, polite rivalry, and a lot, that makes you watch the anime.

You need to keep on dreaming, for you will achieve your dream, as soon as the right time arrives.

Concluding With A Smile

Well, let me give a heads up that this anime is ecchi. However, the representation shows a euphoric state of mind once the character tastes the mouthwatering dishes.

There is comedy, moments of disappointment, and a whole fresh friendly rivalry that sure make you go further and push your limits. The anime once again proves that your hard work can never go in vain.

So, I highly recommend you watch the series including the OVAs(I haven’t got a chance yet). I was motivated to work hard(also experiment with my cooking styles )therefore I came up with the idea of writing this blog.

But BYE BYE, for now, hope you have a wonderful day today. Until we meet next time in my next blog, wish you all the very best, my lovely HOMO SAPIENS!!