Top 7 2020 Netflix K Dramas To Begin With In This Year

K dramas in the recent past years considerably gained successful attention making it a robust entertainment platform. If you are somehow new to the term, well K dramas are Korean daily soaps that are full of entertainment, fun, romance, and practicality that will make you plan a trip to the smart city. This is however not possible now, all thanks to the COVID 19, but soon it will be. And also, I am broke 😅

My addressal to the genre began in the year 2016 when my sister made me watch the mystical yet gothic-themed song from BTS(Bangtan Boys) ‘Blood Sweat And Tears’ which shooke my heart with its hip hop beats. Thus my journey with the K Pop and K drama got a kick start.

Top 7 2020 Netflix K Dramas To Begin With In This Year
Top 7 2020 Netflix K Dramas To Begin With In This Year

Well after you are done with your work, wrapping the nighttime ritual with these amazing choices of K dramas is what you need to do.

So, here is a list of the top 7 K dramas that were launched in 2020 on Netflix which you must watch since they are really great. Also, these are feel-good shows which will definitely make you binge-watch the pieces. So let us begin the countdown with-

It’s Ok To Be Not Ok Stands 1st In My List Of K Dramas 🥰

The drama stars Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Yea Ji in the lead. The entertainment unit also gets robust supporting leads namely Oh Jung Se, Oh Ji Wang, Kang Soon Duk, park Haeng Ja, and Naam Joo-Ri making a complete entertainment time. Well, it is a psychological drama that will make you glue to your seat until the very end. Also, your eye will be seeking out Seo Yea Ji and her tantrums the entire series 😎.

Top 7 2020 Netflix K Dramas To Begin With In This Year

Next Is The King: Eternal Monarch 👑

It is a sci-fi and supernatural combo that stares Lee Min-ho and Kim Go Eun. The story narrates a time travel affair around different universes. The cast and the theme did justice to the confusing storyline making it wonderful entertainment work which one must watch. Well, there is nothing more to talk about since the storyline is very interesting, hence you need to make time to see the stuff.

N.B Do not engage yourself with scrolling through your smartphone, for every minute detail will give you a plot point to enjoy.

Top 7 2020 Netflix K Dramas To Begin With In This Year

Run On! Stands Third In This List Of K-Drama 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 🏃‍♂️

I expected nothing from this simple slice of life. However, this drama totally proved me wrong. Precisely it’s a simple series that make you watch the episodes with interest for it is relatable to usual life. Boy meets girl, both fall in love and that’s the regular stuff, right? But still, you will feel an attachment while you will watch the piece which you will love.

Top 7 2020 Netflix K Dramas To Begin With In This Year

It is my first time watching Im Si-wan in the lead and also in a drama and he was impressive. On the other hand, I totally disliked Shin Se Kung while I watched Bride of Habek, but this drama made me appreciate her as an actress and also the role she played. It is a must-watch.

In My Fourth Choice There Stands Record Of Youth 💑

Another slice of life that totally won my heart. To some extent, the struggles of the characters portrayed in the series were too close to heart. Actually, I felt the pain, the leads went through, which made me fall for the drama. I once watched Park Bo Gum in a historical drama which made me watch this piece.

And I was rooting for the male lead the whole time. Yes, likewise the female lead played by Park So dam was also a strong persona, that will motivate you at every inch. The second male lead played by Byeon Woo Seok was also a promising character whom you will want to see more in the episodes since he shows a different struggle which you will feel at heart.

Top 7 2020 Netflix K Dramas To Begin With In This Year

Next Comes Start Up 👩🏻‍💻

Although the name sounds corporate, to be honest, the sibling rivalry attracted me the most. Also, the prospects, a start-up requires and the needs to grow, made me stick to the story. Besides, the OST performed Red Velvet made me love the story more 😋.

Well, I love Nam Joo Hyuk and Bae Suzy. However my heart was stolen by Kang Han Na, her personality was too magnetic(Also, she portrayed an interesting and ambitious elder sister, do watch to learn more ). And nothing to talk about Kim Sun Ho who definitely was the talk of the time; everyone rooted for him🥺till the very end.

Top 7 2020 Netflix K Dramas To Begin With In This Year

Now Let Us Talk About Crash Landing On You 🪂

Well, honestly, I did not have any intentions to watch the series, however, the commotion surrounding the theme made me sit with the topic. To be honest I loved the piece wholeheartedly. The storyline is great, the actors are superb and most importantly the unique combo of north and south Korean background is the real deal.

Yes, you get to see the real difference. The drama stars Hyun Bin, Son Ye Ji, Seo Ji Hye, and Kim Jung Hyun, and all of them did a marvelous job which will make you laugh, smile, and cry at times, while you sit with the piece.

Top 7 2020 Netflix K Dramas To Begin With In This Year

My Last In The List Is Itaewon Class 🍝

Well, I fell in love with the story with just the first episode. Yes, it is this wonderful. I was actually fooled by the thumbnail, but I was suggested by many of my friends to see the drama. So, I thought why not give it a watch. And I fell in love with the same. Precisely, I like Park Seo Joon and the Kwon Nara hence, I gave it shot. And it was not a waste at all. However I wanted something else to be the ending, sorry I won’t be spoiling, but I was a bit sad with the ending.

Top 7 2020 Netflix K Dramas To Begin With In This Year

Concluding With A Smile 😉

Well, this is my list of the top 7 K dramas from 2020. Well, let me be clear with one thing, this is not a ranking, I simply put the names which I loved watching, that came out in 2020. All the series talked about had a uniqueness, and caught my time brilliantly. Hence I am suggesting you, to give it a shot as well.

Tale Of The Town gives each of the dramas a perfect 10/10 to start watching, to make your day great.

Time to say goodbye for now, until we meet again in my next blog post. Waving you BYE BYE, for now, thanks a lot for reading till the end my dear HOMO SAPIENS!! Wish you enjoy a lovely day ahead.

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